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A Science Fiction Thriller Novel 

An alien warrior, a lost prince and a paperless orphan, three people who should never have met but must now join forces to save Planet Earth from devastation.

When Karl Valvanchi discovers unexplained military ID tags at the scene of a terrorist attack, the interplanetary ranger's investigation sends him to the recently discovered planet Earth. But his arrival in the heart of London coincides with the kidnapping of Prince Teodor.

From birth, Teodor has been taught to lead and to fight. He has even been prepped for an eventual kidnapping, but no one expects he would be snatched from a rogue unit within his own protection team. Now he must draw on all the wisdom of his father and the hard training of his mentors to maintain his courage as he finds himself alone, in the dark, with no way out…

Meanwhile, Guy is an orphan; he does not even know who his parents are; worse, they never registered his birth, so he’s an illegal. He does not exist. Yet he’s good at math, and he’s a fierce fighter. Perfect to serve the Empire, only who will give him a chance?

As the fate of the young prince teeters on a knife edge, Karl faces a crucial decision. Should he defy diplomatic protocol to aid Teodor's distraught mother in her dire quest to save her son and potentially the entire planet?

Dive into "Born of Empire" and embark on a riveting journey of intergalactic intrigue and dark conspiracies, where the fate of humankind hangs in the balance.

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A Science Fiction Thriller Novel 

Last night, Guy Erma, a fatherless orphan, saw Prince Teodor, the heir to two thrones, beaten, imprisoned, and helpless, yet he did nothing. He did not shout the alarm, he did not point to the prince in distress, nor did he tell a single soul? He remained silent because Guy knows the name of the Prince’s captor and the price of speaking out.

Then Guy is asked to fight an unknown opponent in a late-night display fight to entertain the Emperor. Guy knows he’s a good fighter, but who is his challenger? More importantly, what will happen to him if he loses?

Meanwhile, Prince Teodor, the last heir to two thrones, has been kidnapped, beaten, drugged, and starved. What’s worse he knows the name of his captor, and with that knowledge he knows he will never survive. So when Teodor is given a fighting suit and thrown into the fighting ring, he already knows that if he does not find a way to escape, he will die that same day.

Karl has taken on the impossible mission; where all the Regent's forces have failed, he has sworn to find the Prince and bring him home. As a shapeshifting, telepathic alien, he is barred from displaying his full powers to the humans, but how else will he succeed?

Trapped by the forces of evil, discover whether the last prince and heir, the maths-loving orphan and the warrior alien can break free before a greater terror engulfs planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Read on the next instalment of the Dodecahedral series, as "Son of Empire" takes you deeper into a world of intergalactic political intrigue and dark conspiracies.

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A Science Fiction Thriller Novel

In the aftermath of a brutal space attack, Guy Erma, teen bodyguard to a teenage King, survives, but his close friend and the heir to the throne, Teodor of Earth, is missing, presumed dead.

Meanwhile, Guy faces a barrage of questions: Why did Guy survive? How did the King disappear? Did Guy abandon his post? Did he betray his King?

As power shifts to Teodor's cousin, Tomas, the new heir wastes no time in fortifying his claim to rule. He embarks on a calculated campaign of vilification against Guy, painting him as the traitor who abandoned his King to save his own skin.

Fearing for his survival, Guy finds sanctuary working in the Tribal Research Centre. He clings to a faint hope: Teodor might have survived by jettisoning in a survival pod to the planet below. While the Research Centre is a good place to hide from Tomas, Guy realizes that buried within the many maps and charts, he might find a clue to Teodor’s location.

Meanwhile, Teodor finds an unexpected refuge with a tribe of nomads. Alongside his new companion, Sebastian, Teodor strives to gain the trust and respect of the nomads, hoping to influence their journey as they migrate north to escape seasonal plagues. Will they travel far enough north to find their compatriots?

As Guy uncovers leads that could direct him to Teodor, and the King adapts to the life of a tribal warrior, their stories intertwine, leading them on a path toward a shared destiny. But with each passing day, the window for a reunion narrows.

Combining elements of survival, loyalty, and the relentless pursuit of justice, "Captain of Empire" embarks on an exhilarating adventure across an uncharted planet. Guy and Teodor, separated by vast distances and cultural divides, navigate the complexities of leadership, friendship, and the fierce determination to reunite.

In this race against time, the only remaining question is whether they will find each other before it’s too late, setting the scene for a high-stakes, adrenaline-fueled sci-fi epic that explores the depths of courage, betrayal, and the unbreakable bonds that define our heroes.


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A Science Fiction Thriller

In a distant future, a king's fate remains uncertain. When King Teodor vanishes during a harrowing space pirate attack, the Empire can't declare him dead without a body—a process that will take six long months. The clock is ticking, and in this window of uncertainty, a destitute youth named Guy has a fleeting opportunity to prove the king's survival.

Expelled from the Dome Militant, Guy has nothing — no rank, no home, no wealth. He has however found work with Professor T, tracking elusive tribes across the vast savannahs of Sas Darona. Hope emerges from the shadows when it morphs into a young tribal girl who might hold the key to King Teodor's fate.

As four months pass since Teodor's capture, he rises among the tribesmen, earning their trust and respect. However, his heart's desire is to join the tribal council, where he can sway their decision on a critical journey North—the only path that may lead him back to the Dome Militant.

As Guy unearths vital clues and Teodor competes to become the ultimate tribal warrior, their paths converge toward a shared destiny. The question that lingers: Will they reach their destination in time?

In "Captain of Empire," loyalties are tested, and destinies intertwine. This contemporary and riveting sequel unfolds against the backdrop of an extraordinary world, exploring the enduring bonds of friendship in the face of relentless challenges.


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