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About Sally Ann Melia

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All my life I have read and written Science Fiction and Fantasy. I am a massive fan of all things Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, but I can also name all the Stark & Lannister children in Game of Thrones and am addicted to The Expanse, Black Mirror, The Mandalorian, Doctor Who and anything by Andy Weir.

I write Science Fiction action adventures, Galactic Empire Space Operas, but also write Speculative fiction such as First Contact with Aliens or a near-future dominated by driverless vehicles and AI. I also love all things SETI, the search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

In my day-job I am a digital marketing specialist who for the past 20 years has worked for tech and defense companies.

I won a prize in the 2018 Giant Leap SF competition celebrating the UK astronaut Tim Peake, and my work has been published by the British SF Association, Interzone and many smaller fanzines.

I love to write, and I invite you to my world. Enjoy.

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