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S. A. Melia

Science Fiction Author

Starry Sky

Latest Work

Born of Empire

An alien warrior, a lost prince and a paperless orphan, three people who should never have met but must now join forces to save Planet Earth from devastation.

Dive into "Born of Empire" and embark on a riveting journey of intergalactic intrigue and dark conspiracies, where the fate of humankind hangs in the balance.

BORN OF EMPIRE 2024 by S A Melia

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Fast paced and intelligent, author Sally Ann Melia manages to build a wildly imaginative, yet believable, future world populated with purposeful multi-faceted characters in  BORN OF EMPIRE, the promising opening of her YA sci-fi series.

"The author's skilful and enveloping narrative will keep readers on edge. " 

Praise & Reviews

Melia’s imagination has produced a gloriously mythical yet credible world combined with a spellbinding and beguiling story, making Born of Empire a vivid and strikingly original first novel in this YA science fiction fantasy series.
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"The world-building is divine, and the story is an absolute page-turner."

 In this rough world of subterfuge, kidnap, political unrest, and strict hierarchies of power, Guy and Teodor both represent outsiders who are not treated the same as other boys. I
Reader's Favourite

A fantastic start to what promises to be a stellar science fiction series.


Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for upcoming events where you can meet Sally Ann Melia and learn more about her writing.

June 1st 2024 - Hogs Back Writers Jelly
September 28th 2024 - Hogs Back Writers Jelly

October 19th 2024 - Hogs Back Writers Jelly

Sally Dickson aka S A Melia

About Sally Ann Melia

All my life I have read and written Science Fiction and Fantasy. I am a massive fan of all things Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, but I can also name all the Stark & Lannister children in Game of Thrones and am addicted to The Expanse, Black Mirror, The Mandalorian, Doctor Who and anything by Andy Weir.

I also love all things SETI, the search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. In my day-job I am a digital marketing specialist who for the past 20 years has worked for tech and defense companies.

I won a prize in the 2018 Giant Leap SF competition celebrating the UK astronaut Tim Peake, and my work has been published by the British SF Association, Interzone and many smaller fanzines.

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