Nell Valvanchi


Nell Valvanchi, Alien princess, Heroine of Guy Erma and the Son of empire

Nell Valvanchi is a 13-year-old Alien from the Zaracan Democratic Union. She is the only daughter of Simonelle Valvanchi, and as far as these things can go in a perfect democracy she is the closest thing to a princess. She has travelled to Freyne ostensibly to see the giant racing cats called Gorans, but she also wants to get to know the young Prince Teodor, heir to both the throne of Freyne and to the Empire, as well.

A perfect telepath and a shape shifter she is known to modify her appearance to be acceptable her hosts on Freyne. Importantly, she wants to impress one specific person on Freyne: Prince Teodor himself.

Will the Freyne prince and Valvanchi princess become friends? Will he trust her or like her? Or will he mainly see a political he cannot afford to ignore?


Extract from Guy Erma and the Son of Empire
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Nell Valvanchi

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