Designing an icon: the Dome Medallion

In the tale Guy Erma and the Son of Empire, Guy Erma and the fighters of the Dome Elite wear Dome Medallions as insignia and symbols of their loyalty to the Dome and the inner city district of Domeside.

There is some controversy about the medallions, as illustrated by this conversation between Sayginn, Regent of Freyne and her alien guest Karl Valvanchi:

Sayginn: “…Now that you have been on Freyne a few days, you can see how commonplace Dome medallions are – all the boys, all the young men. There is a hierarchy. Apparently some have special engravings and some metal colours are particularly rare, but a Dome medallion is as much a fashion icon as a symbol of armed conflict.”

Karl: “Indeed, I can see that, but on Sas Darona, and outside this system, a Dome medallion only means one thing: Dome Terror. The Dome Elite is becoming infamous on the trade routes, and of late they have been more brazen…”

For Guy Erma though it is his one belonging he values more than all others, as we see him here:

With a whispered prayer, Guy Erma kissed his Dome medallion and slid it inside his shirt. He stepped up to the edge of the mat. In truth, he knew he did not need God’s help today. No, all he needed to win this fight was to be ruthless, and to be quick.

As an important  item at the heart of this tale of adventure, my designer Lazar and I spent a considerable amount of time conceiving and designing the medallion, as you can see from the images above.

Two designs were conceived, and in the book there is mention of different coloured medallions and a hierarchy of sorts indicating rank, role and seniority. So the reader is free to imagine that based on one design many subtle variations exist.

So the only question remains is: What metal is your Dome medallion made of?